Reconsidering Production Plans: Audi

Last time, Audi has announced that is reluctant to start its production activities in America. This was due to the economic crisis being observed in the country those days. The company found it difficult to find parts suppliers who could build components and sub assemblies in North America. Due, to this problem of suppliers, Audi sales were decreased dramatically.

The officials said that, they need new production capacity in the US. Audi has reported record sales for the first six months of the year, with a record 652,950 cars sales across the globe. In the US alone, the German company has increased deliveries by 15.4 percent over the already record figures achieved in 2010.

If Audi offers low base prices, the future of Audi company in US will be bright. But also it depends on the models, locations and capacity. Hence, it is dependent on the Audi to take right decisions to be successful in US.