Everett Police Warn About the Dangers of Bath Salts

Government, private health organizations, health camps all made their trails to create awareness among the public about substance abuse and the illicit drugs. The suggestions given by Everett police about bath salts reflects their social concern about public health.

Everett police are taking a proactive approach to warn the people about the toxicity of the synthetic drugs. Recently they advised the people and tried to create awareness on bath salts.

As the normal people think bath salts will no more create a nice aroma when placed in bath tubs, they could cause organ failure and profuse bleeding, says Everett’s police. The police got to know that the bath salt is a street name for chemical compounds that mimic hard drugs. People started calling the illicit drugs as bath salts to circumvent federal drug rules.

The police are even visiting the stores and distribution locations and let them know the liabilities in selling those kind of drugs. They are also sending educational material to neighborhood groups and want people to know about the dangers.

Even the Washington Poison Center is reporting that they had received 76 calls involving bath salts this year, while they had only one call on it during 2010. According to spokesman from the state department of health, the state has placed an emergency ban on bath salts and it makes the selling, making and delivering bath salts illegal when it comes to action.

The side effects of bath salts include higher blood pressure, a higher heart rate and higher body temperature. They can cause people to become delirious, delusional, combative and sometimes psychotic. The effects can last for days.