Corn Heaters Help You Save Your Money and Energy

The unique heating process of corn burning stoves do not use wood, gas or any other conventional fuel systems. They are simple to light and with the thermostatically controlled burning process, you can heat your home for up to 48 hours.

These heaters are relatively small and they are easy-to-install. Corn burning stove provides approximately 50,000 BTUs, or enough radiant heat to warm a two-thousand square foot home. Nearly two days worth of corn (75 pounds) can be stored in the stove’s hopper, which then self-loads the corn into the burner with the low-energy electric auger. Corn is an excellent source of heat for your home. Corn burns cleaner than wood and does not release dangerous chemicals into the air like pellet stoves or wood stoves.

Clean up process also is very easy, since snow-flame corns burn with unbelievable 98% efficiency compared to only 80% for wood stoves and pellet stoves. Corn burning heater needs no chopping, stacking or splitting of wood. No messy ashes, fire, smoke or poisonous effluents are released into the air, and only a minimal amount of dust settles inside the house.

Corn heater systems are creatively designed to combine the latest technology with the traditional good looks and incomparable features. Corn heaters are your best choice that fit in any budget and criteria.