How WAN Optimization Increases Network Performance

WAN optimization boosts the network performance in a very cost effective way. It speeds up the bulk data transfer to improve disaster recovery capabilities. The WAN have linked computer systems and devices, which will enable users to share files, emails and other applications.

The software technologies have improved the speed at which the systems communicate and operate. It helps in eliminating redundant transmissions, staging data in local caches and compressing and prioritizing data and streaming chatty protocols by using some techniques. Some of the major WAN optimization techniques are:

  • Compression
    This is one of the most important and useful WAN optimization technique. The file transmitting through the WAN is compressed to reduce the usage of bandwidth and cost of bandwidth used.
  • Deduplication
    Deduplication is the primary technique of the WAN optimization. It restricts transmitting same data or duplicate data. This is achieved by sending the reference of the file to the client, which is sent previously rather than sending actual file. Transmitting reference is faster and utilizes very less bandwidth.
  • Traffic shaping
    This is a technique of WAN optimization which transmits the data on the basis of priority. It sends the most important data first, holding the least important data to transmit later. It also removes the unwanted traffic flowing across the network.
  • Caching
    More frequently requested resources or applications are cached (stored) and make it ready for transmission as soon as the same request is made by the client again.

WAN optimization classifies the network and helps the data to flow freely, thus speeding up the operations of an organization. By making use of above optimization techniques, it provides many benefits to an organization which are as follows:

Benefits of Wide Area Network Optimization to an Organization

  • Convenience file accessibility: Due to caching, the data can be retrieved fast and there are benefits of large storage capacity.
  • Speed between multiple locations: WAN solutions maximize network speed between remote locations and accelerate file transfers.
  • Effectiveness: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other streaming media applications will operate more reliably.
  • More credible and faster data restoration: Optimization increases network response time capabilities which enables users to rapidly regain access to critical applications, increasing productivity.

Many enterprises have branches or client locations at different geographical locations and they are connected as a wide area network (WAN). Thus, we can say that WAN optimization is the best way to increase network performance and speeding up of various business operations.