US Auto Sales Rebound Again in August, 2011

US auto sales performance is good for August, 2011. According to automakers report on September 1st, US auto industry has registered two digit sales growth for month of August. US car sales rebound from July, 2011. Most of the Americans purchased SUV’s and Pickups. SUV sales for August 2011 is 110,786 vehicles with 40.7% improvement than last year and Pickup cars increased its sales growth with 12.9 % than last year.

GM performed very well with its vehicles, it sold 218,479 units for August 2011 with 15.3% sales growth which is more than last year sales growth. Chevrolet Cruze continued its brand image with good sales performance for August 2011, it sold 20,000 units for August, 2011. GM registered good sales growth with its passenger cars and trucks category also and registered 18% sales growth.

Ford motors faced some supply problem yet they performed well, Ford motors registered 11% sales growth with 175,220 vehicles sold for August 2011. Ford’s famous brand F-series pickups also registered 2.4% sales growth with 48,795 vehicle sales.

Toyota sales fell down for the August months, it registered 12.7% negative growth with sales of 129,483 units. This negative sales growth is due to the Japan’s earth quake. Honda motors also registered negative sales growth due to the earth quack in Japan, it registered 12.7% negative sales growth with 82,321 unit sales.

Nissan motors registered their positive sales growth with 19% improvement with 91,541 units sold. Hyundai motors also registered positive sales with 58,505 units being sold with 9% sales growth. Volkswagen increased its sales for August, 2011, it registered 10.4% sales growth than the previous year with 25,232 unit sales.

Except very few brands all got others had good sales growth, with this the overall sales growth of US auto industry registered double-digit (11%) sales growth for August 2011.