GM Stands as a Leader in Sales For August 2011

GM is one of the top motor manufacturing brands in the US. It has been performing well in the US for 2011 and has become a sales leader for August, 2011. It registered increased sales growth with 15.3% which is more than the sales growth for the same period in the last year. It has improved its sales with 30,000 units and light trucks. It is performing well in the small car sector also.

Edmund’s research data shows that GM’s performance for the year 2011 is good. It has registered 4.8% sales improvement for the same period in 2010. According to the Edmund’s data GM sold 62,000 units for the August 2011 including cars and light trucks. They analyzed the sales performance of GM for the August month. GM has worked for 26 days in 2011 and 25 days in 2010, but it has increased 4.8% sales growth for August 2011 than 2010.

GM introduced some new models in the year 2011. GM has been getting good support from these new models. GM was beneficial from the Japan earth quake. When few brands like Toyota and Ford had faced many supply related problems, GM has intelligently utilized this opportunity to increased its sales.