Know About Some African Spices

Spices are the plant parts which add distinct flavor and aroma to the food. These spices are distributed across various regions of the countries. There are some regions where there is no traces of spices. And some regions have spices which are unique to them. Therefore, we shall learn about some spices which are native to African regions.

Grains of Paradise: Grains of Paradise is also known as Melegueta pepper. These are the seed part of the plants and are found in West Coast regions of Africa. They are found to give hot and strong spicy flavor to the food. It is used in hot beverages, baking, steaks, sauces and meat delicacies.

Negro pepper: Negro pepper is the condiment found only in Africa. It is produced in Western parts of Africa. It is used as a substitute for pepper.

Love Grass: Love grass is a variety of spice found in Africa. It is used in the preparation of Teff flour which is used in the making of breads in Africa.

Grains of Selim: These are the seeds similar to pepper grow in Africa. These are used in preparation of Fish dishes.

The above are the details of some of the common African spices.