Car Sales Reports in India for 2010

The year 2010 has been profitable for the all car makers and with this profits they are looking to launch a large variety of the cars in 2011 in to the Indian market. Here are the sales reports of the car makers for the year 2010 in the Indian automobile market.

Maruti which has set a record-breaking sales of more than 1 lakh units in May, has surpassed that and now crossed 1.04 lakh units, a new record in highest ever monthly sales by the India’s No.1 car maker. JD Power has also certified Maruti Suzuki, as the top brand in terms of buyer satisfaction. Maruti Suzuki India reported a 14.7 percent year-on-year rise. Total car sales increased to from 95,649 last year to 109,743 in January 2010.

Ford India:
Ford Figo is a huge success in the Indian market and the American auto maker is planning to capitalize on this success by exporting it to South Africa.

Mercedes Benz:
Mercedes-Benz India has reported its highest ever annual sales in India in the year 2010. The company has seen a growth of 80% from previous year sales, with 5819 units of its cars being sold this year when compared to 3250 cars last year. Mercedes reported sales of 2490 units of E-Class in the year 2010. The company had sold 1024 units of the car in 2009.

Ford India:
According to the sources from the company, Ford India, recorded an impressive annual increase of 184 per cent in 2010 and from January to December 2010, the Company sold 83,887 units and nearly tripled its sales volume against a total of 29,488 cars sold in 2009.

TATA Motors:
Passenger car sales rose 14 percent to 32,386 year-on-year. Sales of its flagship Nano, known as the world’s cheapest car, climbed 68 percent to 6,703.

In the Indian Auto market all the automobile manufactures increased their sales in 2010 compared to the sales a year earlier.