Ford Posts Quarterly Profit in 2010

$2.1 billion quarterly profit in April was posted by the Ford Motor Co. This made the company to have a solidly profitable 2010. The second quarterly profit in July was estimated to be $2.6 billion. This was reported to be the fifth consecutive quarterly profit for the company. The sales and market share in the United States has been increased by Ford and it has been gaining momentum since then.

During the first quarter the company had been reported to be producing its largest pretax operating profit in six years. The share of the Ford in the United States rose to 16.6 percent in the first quarter of 2010. The company had brought new products to the showroom of dealers in the first quarter. Also the sales of the revamped Taurus sedan in the first quarter were 96 percent higher than its predecessor. These factors resulted in encouraging profits for the company.

The image of the company has also improved. This might be due to the reason that the General Motors and Chrysler had been borrowing billions of dollars from the federal government. The strong sales of the small, fuel-efficient vehicles such as the Focus compact and Fusion mid-size sedan had been the reason for profit in the first quarter of 2010. The Ford U.S. sales jumped 38 percent in the first quarter which are double than the industry sales growth.

A North American lineup has been rebuilt by the company to rely heavily on pickup trucks and SUVs. The company had gained a bigger share of the American market in the previous year. That was equivalent to about 154,000 trucks and cars. The revenues of the company in the second quarter rose 14 percent to $31.3 billion. It is estimated that Ford would post more profit in the next year as the U.S. sales are expected to improve by next year.