Know About Filter-less Air Purifiers

The demand for the air purifiers are increasing because of constantly growing pollutants in the air. Air purifiers eliminate several hazardousFD Fan substances from the air and there are number of purifiers that are available in the market each having distinct features. One the type of air purifier is filter less air purifiers in which no filters are found, and they effectively remove the particulate matter as well as odors and poisonous gases. The most popular filter less air purifier is the electronic or ionic air purification system.

The filter less air purifying unit contains two electrically active plates. One of these plates is used to electrically charge the particles passing through the purifier and the other plate contains an opposite charge, which attracts these charged particles. The particles settle down on the second plate and hence the air is cleared from all impurities. A photo catalytic purifier has oxidants in order to eliminate odors and other atmospheric contaminants.

The filter less system is advantageous than the conventional purification system. The most important thing in the filter less purifiers is that they do not contain a fan, unlike in conventional purifiers which makes lots of noise. The filter less purifiers also requires less maintenance as there is no need PA Fanto clean and replace the filters. Filter less system also called as an electrostatic air purifier contains the plates in the electrostatic precipitation system, also requires cleaning.

Filter less air purifiers are found to have a drawback, as small amount of ozone released during the process of air purification, which is not good for the health. Inspite of this drawback, the filter less system is one of the most effective purifiers available in the market today.