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CNG Electric Hybrid Vehicles to Run in India

Posted by Gavin Moodie on December 10, 2010 at 7:43 am

CNG-electic hybrid low floor Star buses has been presented by Tata Motors to Delhi Transport Corporation. This is for the first time such type of vehicle is being used for public transportation. 32 people can be accommodated by it and it’s speed is 72 kilometer per hour and a parallel hybrid system is used by this bus.

These vehicles will run at the time of Commonwealth games in Delhi. The Hybrid Tata Starbus is powered by hybrid engine which has two parts like an internal combustion CNG engine and an electric motor by which regenerative energy storage system is used. Power generation is used by parallel hybrid technology along with the CNG engine and the electric motor to drive the vehicle. Lost braking energy is re utilized by the system to recharge the battery.

Comparing to conventional buses, the Tata Hybrid Starbus provides an improvement in fuel economy. And lower emissions will be the result of using this technology, contributing to clean and green environment. It will be a environmental friendly commercial passenger transportation.

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