UK Small Enterprises Save 67 Percent of Information in Mobile Brandband USB sticks: Analysys Manson Report

As per a report published by Analysys Manson which examines the ways in which the small or medium sized enterprises can cut technology costs quickly, small enterprises employees should use mobile broadband USB sticks and data cards when traveling in order to save their businesses GBP2145 each year rather than relying on Wi-Fi hotspots. The report which was entitled small enterprises save money with mobile broadband which was published ahead of Mobile World Congress 2010, Barcelona, showed that each employee who keeps traveling throughout the year can save Wi-Fi hotspots charges till GBP700.

SMEs have a chance to choose the highly competitive offerings which may be with or without contracts from the providers like O2, BT, 3, Orange, Virgin, T-Mobile and Vodafone. More ubiquitous coverage and reliability is offered by the mobile broadband services when compared to Wi-Fi hotspots. Though the access speeds lag than those found at most hotspots.