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Small Businesses Spend Too Much on IT: A Survey by Brother

Posted by Dylan Thurston on October 21, 2010 at 1:41 am

As per a report commissioned by printer manufacturer Brother, small businesses are spending more than required on IT because of short-term thinking and also due to lack of computing knowledge.

As per the survey by Brother, small businesses are investing on cheap hardware for making short-term savings, but they had to pay higher costs in the long run. The small and medium sized enterprises are just thinking of the short term savings and are not concentrating on the money they have to spend later because of the low quality of the hardware. One of the other reason for purchasing low quality hardware is a false economy. The higher quality of the equipment could increase the productivity and ultimately the revenues. This is because of the tech journalists, bloggers and analysts who were the contributors for the report asserted. The larger corporations have IT directors who will be responsible for IT strategy. Only few small and medium sized businesses appoint a specialist.

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