Retail Sales of Scarves or Mufflers and Belts

The Scarves are one of the dress accessories. These were discovered by new generations to add them to their wardrobes. More than 60 percent of the buyers are younger who are aged between 13 to 34. About 31 percent of young consumers may be buying these scarves as gifts or others. Remaining may buy for them selves. Sales increased in department store, specialty store and mass merchant channels, though these were initiated at junior level. Oblongs, ultra long styles and cowls and loops, squares these are different shapes. Sales of scarves was 911.4 million dollars in 2007, 971.9 million dollars in 2008 and 1,122.6 million dollars in 2009.

Difference category of scarves can be worn indoors or with a coat, like scarves for warm weather and cold weather or light weight, textured. Traditional silks and poly oblongs are reduced. And silk and poly or nylon chiffon with novelty and oversized scarves 72* 80 inches or 40 * 80 inches and 21 *28 inches were strong in viscose gauze are better than other styles.

Belts also are one of the dress accessories. Though these were invented earlier, but customers want fashionable belts. 75 percent of belts are purchased for self use. Sales of belts in 2007 was 360.4 million dollars, and in 2008 327.9 million dollars and 382.7 million dollars in 2009. The belts with 2 ½ to 3 inch width and with simple elastic band styles with front leather tabs are best performed belts.

The importance is growing for adjustable belts, and these are number one selling styles.