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Mobile Advertising’s Leading Edge by IAB

Posted by Dylan Thurston on September 1, 2010 at 7:04 am

The release of ‘Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats,’ in July was announced by the interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). It is the industry’s first benchmark for ad formats that is being offered in mobile applications.

Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile, the seven major mobile/portable application platforms and the current trends in mobile advertising, are summarized in a survey by IAB companies.

The first IAB Mobile Platform Status Report focuses on mobile display advertising, examining this dynamic market. It also gives the mobile advertising considerations and outlines advertising opportunities for mobile devices, from the point of interactive advertising on the web. The mobile advertising is growing very rapidly at lightning speed as consumers are using new devices. Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats are increasing the development of a dynamic toolset to increase mobile advertising.”

Key components of “Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats” include:

  • An overall view of the most common ad formats are being sold by mobile app publishers.
  • The points of differences between ad sizes among app providers and emerging similarities.
  • The launch of a resource that the IAB will regularly update to help the advertising marketplace keep apace of largely available ad formats as well as emerging trends as they develop.

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