Market Share of Accessories of Men And Women

There are different types of accessories for men and women in the market. Based upon the interests, the branded companies are preparing different types of accessories. During the year 2008, different types of accessories were produced and there is a wide variation between the percentages of market shares of different accessories.

Women’s Accessories:
Coming to the women’s accessories, there is a huge rise in the share of fashion /bridge jewelry. The hand bags stand at the second place in the market. Apart from the hand bags and the accessories, different types of articles are being sold in the market. But the most preferable ones are the jewelry and the hand bags. There are even different types of accessories like the scarves, belts umbrellas, and hair accessories, but all of them do not play a significant role in the market.

According to the, during the year 2008, the market share was as follows.

Fashion/ Bridge jewelry played an important role in the market. It occupies the highest share and it is of about 27%. Next, coming to the market of Hand Bags, it is at the second place and it is of about 24%. Hosiery which includes the sheer and the casual combined is at the third place. And it is of about 16%. The sport and the fashion watches share is 10%. The sunglasses were sold with the percent of 7. 3% of the hats and 3% of the small leather goods were sold. The number of Scarves/wraps, slippers/casual footwear, Belts, Cold Weather articles shares each of 2% in the market. Rainwear/Umbrellas and hair accessories share the least percentage and it is of about 1% each.

According to the and NPD the Annual Census report for the Ladies accessories in the year 2009, is like this, Again the jewelry plays a major role in the sales it is of about 30.18%. And the sales of hand bags are of about 29.02%. Again the third place is for the hosiery as in the case of 2008 and is 9.61%. And the small leather goods are 8.84%. And the share of sunglasses is 5.29%,share of watches is 4.96%,Scarves is 3.59%, hats is 2.99%,slippers is 2.27%,gloves is 1.40%, belts is 1.22% and the last share is for the umbrellas and it is about 0.64%.

Men’s Accessories:
Coming to the men’s accessories, the share and the percentage of each of the accessories may differ. The number of the articles is also less. The different types of articles which are used by the men are the socks, sunglasses, watches, belts, neckwear, Small leather goods, Cold weather, Gifts and the jewelry.

Coming to the Statistics of the men accessories which was calculated in the year 2008 by the, the market share of socks is the highest one and is of about 30%. And coming to the sunglasses the share is about 16%. And the watches share is of about 13%. Belts are sold at 12% on the whole. The neck wear is about 11%. Small leather goods are sold at 7% share. 5% share for both the cold weather and gifts individually. 1% is for the jewelry.

These are the market shares for both men and women during the year 2008 according to the with the co ordinance of the NPD.