Ford Increased Market Share in August 2010: Bloomberg

As the needs of the consumers are increasing day by day, many of the auto makers are finding US as the best auto selling market. Many companies apart from the local companies are finding US as the best Auto market. Because of that the retail market share has increased.

During the month of August 2010, the American manufacturer, the Ford has gained the share in the market according to the company officials and it is the 22nd time during the period of 23 months. The marketing of the new model Ford Fiesta was done by removing the quality issue problem.

According to the company officials, the company is enjoying its profits because of no bankruptcy and has earned an amount of $4.7 billion during the first six months of the year 2010 and has been recorded as the largest profit in the first half since 1998. During the present year, the industry has experienced an increase in sales of about 23% which resulted because of the redesigned versions of Taurus and Fusion sedans.

As of now, the company is working for the sale of Ford Fiesta, but the sales delayed by two to four weeks because of the problems related to quality issue. Now, the company is planning to release the redesigned versions of Edge, Mustang sports car, Focus compact, Explorer sport-utility vehicle and also the new Super Duty version of the F-series pickup line. During the year 2010, the Ford shares gained 13%.

Thus, the features like fuel-efficient, high quality vehicles which were offered by the company, increased the retail market share. Consumers who are looking for the various enhanced features like quality, fuel economy, with advanced technology and the safety features are turning towards the Ford, according to the company officials.