US Consumers Shopping in 2010: Report of Econsultancy

Now-a-days, media integration and social networking are the hot trends in e-commerce. If retailers and merchants hope to remain relevant in e-commerce, they need to stick to the targeted and relevant email marketing tactics, even if the consumers are turning to social media sites for shopping.

If email marketing is to be an effective tool, it must targeted, selective and relevant. 53% of the consumers claim that irrelevant information devalued emails which they received. Over 54% of respondents reported that emails had no special advantage and were not of use to them.

According to the report, 55% of respondents said that it makes them more inclined to purchase a product with high ratings. 56% said that their likelihood of using a particular online store increases based on consumer-generated reviews.

Women are less likely to use expert site and search engines reviews for one-time product research than men, mainly for less expensive items. For products of any price, women tend to take part in discussion, online and off. Men tend to take less and involve less range of media than women during the purchase process.

Because of busy schedules and level of comfort with the internet, those between 25 and 38 years old age range are most reliant on e-commerce.

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