82 Percent Small Business Owners interested to expand of e-mail marketing in Next 12 Months: Poll

82% small business are planning to increase their e-mail marketing over the next year based on Weber Communications, which is polled of 2,579 small businesses.

Also, this poll found 70% of businesses are getting in on it employing some sort of social media tactic and 77% say that integrating e-mail marketing with social media is either very important or moderately important.

According to around 50 percent of small businesses in a recent survey, behavioral targeting in online advertising and merchandising is increasing their conversion rates significantly. It is based on directing ads at consumers based on their web-browsing behavior.

Why small business prefer e-mail Marketing?

  1. They track people who open an e-mail and who don’t.
  2. They track who clicks links in an e-mail and who don’t.
  3. The reports of sales revenue are generated as a direct results of an e-mail campaign.
  4. The reports are generated on ad campaigns or sign up forms which brings many subscribers.

It also offers consumers more ways to get information increasing brand loyalty. Around 20 percent said that they derived large amounts of benefits integrating social media with marketing and also has increased consumer loyalty.