Majority of small Businesses do not have knowledge about cloud computing: Techaisle

As per a recent survey by Techaisle of small businesses within UK, US, Italy, Germany and Brazil showed that only 37 percent of SBs have just heard about cloud computing. In them, more than 13 percent did not know what exactly cloud computing meant. Around 44 percent of the respondents perceive that cloud computing means subscribing to services such as servers or storage hosted by the third party. More than 29 percent perceive that cloud computing just means access to applications over the web.

Even among the 29 percent of the small-businesses, not all of the small businesses that use SaaS have heard of cloud computing.

Only 26 percent of small-businesses have just heard about cloud computing from their channels. Only 13 percent of the small-businesses have got the information about cloud computing from an IT company. 25 percent of the small-businesses could get information about cloud computing from forums or blogs and other social networking websites.

As per Techaisle survey, the channel partners approach the small-businesses most effectively regarding cloud computing.