Statistics of Online Shopping on Mother’s Day

Gifts are being presented in order to show their affection and love. Mothers play a very important role in bringing their child up. In turn the child wants to contribute the affection by giving gift to their mothers on occasion of mother’s day.

Generally the gifts can be chosen by shopping around or by shopping online. The most effective way to buy is to do the online shopping. Online shopping is done because more gifts can be found online. National Retail Federation (NRF) has published, before mother’s day that 20% of all consumers will buy Mother’s day gifts online.

The survey delivers some of the major issues like:

  • Compared to last year the amount of money which will be spent this year on mother’s day will be more and is $ 126.90.
  • Most of them are showing interest in buying jewellery which is 25% more when compared to the plan of Shopper.
  • According to the NRF, 83.3% are celebrating the mother’s day. And they buy 62.6% online gifts for mothers and 20.6% for their wives, 9.4% for daughter , 7.9% for grand mother, 7.6% for sister, 6.8% for friend.
  • Even according to the statistics that men will buy and spend more on mother’s day gift i.e. $154.74 and women they spend $100.46

The above survey was done from April 6th to 13th 2010 and 8,197 consumers participated in it.