Alliance Formation Among US And Mexican Gangs

Smuggling market is growing year by year and every year new gangs are emerging in some part of world. In 2009, Mexican drug cartels introduced new alliance with violent American street and prison gangs. This alliance helps to tighten the hold on U.S. Narcotics market.

According to 2010 Drug Threat Assessment, Mexican drug cartels deals in illicit cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine trade into the U.S. growing strength and organization of criminal gangs has changed the nature of midlevel and retail drug distribution in local drug markets, suburban areas and rural areas.

As per the report this alliance helps street gangs to buy drugs directly from the cartels, which further enables the gangs to flood drug in market with low price. In drugs business street gangs are very useful. They mainly help to protect smuggling routes, debts collection and killing rival traffickers.

This type of business results in heavy death loss. For example 8,000 people in Mexico, including 800 police and military officers, were killed when cartels fought over smuggling corridors.