Branding Becoming More Important For Purchasing Jewelry

In contrast to watch industry, which has several brands, the jewelry industry has only few highly popular brands. Hearts On Fire, David Yurman, Roberto Coin, Tiffany and few of them have a moderate level of brand recognition with consumers. But, generally, the industry is still ruled by unbranded goods, or, in few cases, private, label or created brands which seems like national brands. Survey in the industry indicate that less than 20 percent of total jewelry sold is from a highly recognized brand.

As jewelry is considered as a blind item regarding which consumers have only some product knowledge, brands may help in creating confidence with shoppers which the branded goods they are purchasing are high quality and probably to last for a long time.

In research by J. Walter Thompson, the global ad agency which manages De Beers’ diamond advertising, consumers say that “green matters” in current retail environment. There is rising social awareness among all buyers. Young brides are experimenting to organize “green weddings.” They are more concerned about the environment and social justice. And, they probably ask tough questions when buying for diamond jewelry. The Kimberley Process has adequately brought the diamond industry into agreement with human rights and few environmental issues, but the process is continuing.