Chilean Earthquake In Coast Of Maule

On 27th February 2010, Maule region of Chile was badly affected by an earthquake. Magnitude of 8.8 was measured in this earthquake. About half of the Maule region’s had been destroyed. As per the survey more than 750 people were killed and 1.5 million were displaced. This place was long known to be at high risk for earthquakes.

This disaster killed many human lives and significantly increases the hunger, disease and other problem. Thousands of poor and vulnerable became homeless. Earthquake mainly damaged the electricity grids, communication, and transportation systems. Many areas of Chile are still too far from aid workers relief. huge waves caused additional damage along the coast of the Maule region.

On 28th February President Bachelet announced that the government made a deal with major supermarkets, which would allow providing basic foodstuff to those people who are affected by the earthquake. Rapid-transit network was also executed on 1 March 2010.