U.S Defends Taiwan Arms Deal

The U.S government announced that it had approved the arms deal to Taiwan. China and Taiwan have separate governments since the end of a civil war in 1949 and Taiwan to be part of China. The worth of arms deal to Taiwan is $ 6.4 billion of military equipment and it is the most sensitive issue in U.S-China relations.

The arms deal providing 114 Patriot missiles, 60 Black Hawk helicopters, two Osprey mine-hunting ships, twelve harpoon missiles and $105m worth of advanced communication technology systems to china by U.S defense government and it does not include F-16 fighter jets. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Yafei said that the United States is responsible to sell weapons to the Taiwan.

This type of arms deal will contribute to maintaining security and stability across the Taiwan Strait and it also give Taiwan to more confidence and sense of security to go forward in developing cross-Strait relations. After Taiwan arms deal China suspended U.S military visit.