Southern China’s Automotive Lighting Industry Shows Glowing Performance

There is a major progress observed in the fast developing automotive industry in China, particularly in the southern part of the country.

This progress was observed at the 7th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition (Auto Guangzhou 2009), conducted at the Guangzhou International Exhibition and Convention Center on Nov. 24-30 2009, which acquired significant growth over its antecedents in terms of scale, internationalization, exhibitor growth, and scope of exhibits.

Along with the remaining part of the auto industry, China’s automotive lighting segment has been advancing at high speed and capturing the eye of buyers worldwide. The number of auto-lamp makers in China is enlarging, so growing numbers of companies in the business are attempting to find openings in either the original equipment (OE) or aftermarket (AM) business in domestic and export markets.

The auto industry development has ventured a solid foundation for the automotive lighting industry in Southern China. Now, auto-lamp makers sell their products through three major routes. They are direct sale to automakers, sale using agents, distributors, wholesalers, or retailers and sale by auto-repair channels.

According to initial assessments by research institutes, China now has nearly 4,000 companies producing automotive lighting products like headlamps, auxiliary lamps, brake lights, tail lights, fog lamps, instrument lamps, turn-signal lights, and turn signals.

China’s auto-lamp industry manufactured more than 200 million sets and recognized sales of nearly US$770 million in 2008, a 22% advancement in 2009. Moreover, the average price of auto-lamp products is increasing, showing an growth of 32% in 2008 . Exports have also increased.