Random alcohol drug testing

Random drug and alcohol viewing is used by many UK companies to deter the use or mistreatment of illegal drugs and or alcohol by employees within the workplace. There have been a huge number of case studies to demonstrate how efficient random screening is in reducing accidents, absenteeism, ill health, litigation, etc, and as a result it is commonly considered to be best practice, particularly in safety critical environments. After few days a random alcohol drug test was introduced for number of factors. Such factors include the nature of the business, demographics of their staff or factors relating to the culture of the business. Some companies carry out as little as 5 percent random testing, whereas other businesses may insist that every employee is screened at least once annually or more.

Substance abuse screening in the workplace is moderately straight forward to implement and can be put into place without much cost when done correctly. Random testing of company employees can be carried out on-site for less than £10 per employee. All a company needs to do is formulate a drug and alcohol policy. If companies find this process to be too time consuming or compound for your managers, we can develop your policy for you as consultants, or review your current draft policy to ensure that it is completely legally defensible and user friendly. Our years of knowledge really can make a major difference to your company policy and allows you to implement it as fast as possible.

When you have a finished alcohol drug policy, it is time to issue a copy of this to your employees along with a completion date. As long as the start date for the policy is further away than their contractual notice period, when the start date arrives, the policy has become part of all employees’ terms and situation of employment. At this point, if it is your policy that employees undergo random drug / alcohol screening or testing in accident / incident or “for cause” situations, then failure to comply constitutes a breakdown to undertake a sensible request which may have corrective consequences up to and including dismissal. Finally, it should be every employer’s aim to remove the substance from the individual, rather than the individual from the workplace, so assistance for those who come forward to seek it is very important.

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