New Hurdle for Online Retailers

Why do you choose to buy online without going directly to the vendor? Let me guess…

Is it for quick shopping without having to stand and wait in long queues?

Is it to save time from searching a product in a wrong place?

Is it to save taxes?

If it is yes for the third reason, this is disappointing news for you. Government, which is now in bad times with economy crisis, is planning to collect taxes from Internet sales too.

The major thing that attracted the governments of all those states is the increase of Internet sales even in economy downturn.

According to Forester research, online sales would generate around $204 billions in revenue on 2008. This number is pretty bigger than that of sales in 2007 which generated $175 billions.

And now, if government can impose taxes on these sales, it can generate about $3 billion in new revenue.

Why would anybody want to leave such good amount of money, especially in crisis times?

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