Myanmar Frees Opposition Figure After Seven Years

Myanmar’s ruling junta (government) liberated the deputy leader of the country’s pro-democracy party after imprisonment of seven years, but did not present any explanation about taking part in allowed in coming elections.

The liberation of 82-year-old Tin Oo, who assisted to find the National League for Democracy with Suu Kyi, came out before a U.N envoy visit to Myanmar to check the regime’s progress on human rights. After his release, Tin Oo told reporters, “I will continue to work for democracy.”

Tin Oo, had spent about seven years in prison and under house arrest. The junta restored his imprisonment on an annual basis since his arrest in 2003. Tin Oo also said that he would ask government to allow him to visit Suu Kyi, and thanked the United Nations, European Union and others for compelling his release. Human rights groups stated that the junta still holds nearly 2,100 political prisoners, along with Nobel Peace laureate Suu Kyi.