US And Canada Scientists Proposed To Limit Solar Energy

Canadian and US scientists chooses to block the sun in order to cool the earth and restrict global warming. They wish to continue research and field-testing on “geo-engineering” of the earth’s atmosphere to reduce danger of climate change quickly, from the scientists from the University of Calgary in Canada, and the University of Michigan and Carnegie Mellon University in the US.

Studies on geo-engineering or solar radiation management (SRM) must be initiated collectively with government funding, instead of doing unilaterally by nations, said the scientists. They stated that SRM means discharging mega-tonnes of light-scattering aerosol particles into the upper atmosphere to decrease earth’s absorption of solar energy, which in turn cools the planet. Another method would be to release sea salt particles in order to make low-altitude clouds to reflect back high amount solar energy into space.

The scientists desired governments worldwide to provide a global research budget for SRM. They said that budget should extend about $10 million to $1 billion a year between now and 2020. They wished that research results must be made available to each nation and risk estimations should be transparent and international.

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