Geneva Auto Show Brings Cheer

The automobile industry suffered almost two years due to economic slowdown. It is recovering in the recent times. A major note of cheer and joy is that the 80th Geneva Motor Show opened its doors to the public. The show will be opened from 4th to 14th March 2010. Many new models, almost eighty are expected to introduce this year.

Though many of the models have been introduced, the hybrid revolution remains hard to pin down.

Nissan’s Juke crossover, Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta hatchback, the Volvo S60 sedan and Porsche 918 Spyder were the stars of the show.

Audi introduced its model Audi A1 with three as well as five door versions. Its competitor in this segment BMW introduced the Countryman, its biggest ever Mini. It a four-door and four wheel drive version.

Most of the cars exhibited at the Geneva show were alternative fuel concept cars. A few them also offered gas-electric or pure electric models such as the Porsche Cayenne, Honda CR-Z coupe, Toyota Auris and Nissan Leaf.

Many people who attended the show on the first day said that they would consider buying electric cars but they were concerned about their reliability. They said that the technology is new and the range is limited. They said that they are good to travel around the city but not good enough to go out on a holiday as many of them give 100 Kms. Some industry analysts said that many hybrids are overpriced compared to their regular counterparts.

Bottomline from the show is that people are showing some interest on purchasing new cars, which didn’t happen much in the last two years.

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