French Government Rejects European Constitution Referendum

A French European Constitution referendum was a treaty to establish a constitution for Europe. On 29th May 2005, it was organized to decide whether France would approve the proposed constitution of the European Union or not.

At the last of voting, France finally rejected the treaty of EU (European Constitution) referendum. French voters overwhelmingly rejected it in key referendum. France was the first country who rejected this treaty. Regarding this ratification, 55 percent of people voted against the proposal where as it was supported by only 45 % of people.

As per the BBC’s Caroline Wyatt, this rejection by one EU’s member is a kind of political earthquake. The EU president Jose Manuel Barroso also condemned this disapproval action. As per the BBC news, this referendum could deal a fatal blow to EU constitution if it ratified by all 25-member state.

Foreign Minister Michel Barnier stated it as a real disappointment to EU constitution. He also requested other countries to start their voting process.