Dalai Lama Finally Meets Barack Obama

President Barack Obama personally received the Dalai Lama gladly to the White House. Obama admired his goals for the Tibetan people, but he put their get-together off-camera and restrained in an attempt to prevent intensifying tensions with China.

He also delivered encouragement to the Dalai Lama’s appeal for talks with the Chinese government.

China opposed this, as it considered any official foreign leader’s meeting with the Buddhist monk as violation of its sovereignty. China had recommended Obama not to meet Dalai Lama. China became a global rival for the U.S. and an anticipated partner.

The Dalai Lama met with reporters outside the White House, and declared that he is very happy with the visit, and later at news conference at the State Department condemned China for its childish and limited approach to Tibetan efforts for enormous rights. He also said that he hoped a negative Chinese response to his meeting with Obama.