Syria Hand In Beirut’s Assassination

U.S. seems sure of Syria’s hand in Beirut’s Assassination as Syrian government had failed to act against militant groups in Israel and against a supply line from Syria to Iraq. U.S strongly condemns this brutal attack.
The White House spokesman said that the killing was a terrible reminder. It was an ominous on two counts: first, because it raised concern that could plunge back into the civil war and second, it underscored growing American impatience with the role played by Syria in the Middle East.

In the view of American analysts, Syria has done the bidding of Iran, using Syrian territory to support Hezbollah, and other Islamic groups earlier that attacked Israel.

As per Western diplomat Syria’s had possible role in the Beirut attack. It also tried to rebuke Iran. The State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency had also credited Syria influence with some anti-Western militant groups.