Suicidal Bombing Attack In Indonesia

Indonesian bombings were a series of terrorist suicide bomb and a series of car bombs attacks. On 1st October 2005, bombs exploded at two sites of south Bali. As per the official report 20 people were killed and 129 were injured. They also stated that the three bombers were dead.

According to Indonesia’s head of counter-terrorism, these attacks were carried out in a similar way to the 2002 bombings. Mutilated bodies and the remnants of backpacks were the major evidence of suicide bombing. The active terrorist network Jemaah Islamiah (JI) was responsible for several bombings in Indonesia.

Two days prior to the incident, Indonesian president and Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) had issued warnings. Three months earlier US state department also issued a travel warning against non-essential trips to Indonesia.

These bombing attacks severely affected Indonesian economy and progress. It resulted as a loss of both human lives and nation’s property.