Know About Malocclusion In Dentistry

Improper alignment of teeth in both arches of mouth of a persons is malocclusion. In other words, it can be termed as having crooked teeth or a poor bite in humans. Having improper alignment of teeth can impact on person’s confidence. This incorrect teeth can be corrected by taking the
orthodontic treatment, and this treatment is done by a dentist called orthodontist.

Orthodontists are specially trained to correct the malocclusion. In order to correct the malocclusion, orthodontists use a variety of treatment devices and techniques to move teeth and sometimes the jaw into correct places. The techniques may involve usage of dental dentures to the teeth which will position the teeth to the correct place. Some times they even do jaw surgeries for removing the teeth.

The main cause of malocclusion is having little room in the jaw for the teeth. Wherever the space is there, the teeth will grow into that place which will come out of the original positions of the teeth and thus forming malocclusions. The other reasons are also there for malocclusion which include thumb-sucking, pacifier use and tooth loss.

To find out whether you have have malocclusion problems or not, the symptoms are the teeth is crooked, stick out, over crowded. Mainly this can range from mild to severe. Some times malocclusion comes under the cosmetic problem because the people do not like the way their teeth look. People having malocclusion face problems in biting of food, cleaning their teeth, gum tissue health, jaw growth, speech development and appearance.

However, these malocclusions are corrected by doing surgeries or using some tools that can make your teeth look in a proper positioning.