Daily face make-up within few minutes

Do you think your make up eats away your valuable time. Most of us don’t show interest on make-ups because they consume lot of time. But there is a way that with in few minutes you can apply make-up. If you think you cannot do so, think again because you are not right. There is a way to go about putting on makeup easily when you’re in a hurry. Just follow these easy steps:

Apply moisturizer then apply foundation and blend it with a foundation brush for even coverage. Apply blush and blend it in. Powder blushes are easiest to apply. Apply eye shadow of your choice lightly. Apply eyeliner according to eye shape, concentrate on the outer corners. Apply mascara to your eyelashes. Use a fat brown pencil and apply color to your brow bone and blend. Color your lips with the help of the lip brush. This is not time consuming. Powder your nose and t-zone with loose powder. Check your blush and add more when needed.

Believe me this in not a time consuming process it can take not more than 10 minutes. With these tips, you will not spend lots of time fixing up yourself and for sure you will not be late in fact you’ll look beautiful when you rush for hang-outs.

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