How can Parents Make their Children/Teens Stop Smoking Marijuana?

Marijuana is a dangerous drug which causes threat to health and well being of children and adolescents. Adolescent is the critical age in everyone’s life. Because this is the age where children will be growing, learning, maturing and laying foundation to their valuable lives. At this age they will be very much interested in doing and experimenting with new things. And here the parents can take a chance to have an open conversation with their children about what to do and what not.

In some situations, children will look to parents for help in problem solving and making critical decisions. At this time parents should encourage them to take the decision not to use drugs at any time. Some parents may used the drugs in the past but it should not prevent talking to their children about the dangers and adverse effects of the drugs.

Parents should check out with their children with direct conversation or indirectly by checking their personal room or vehicle if they found suspected. Parents should have the conversation about the dangers of usage of marijuana or any other drugs.

There are drug testing-at-home kits also available in the market through which a child can be tested so that the problem can be solved at early stage. If it is too late also, the child can be guided and helped from the dangers of this drug by proper counseling and group discussion activity.

Marijuana is a more frequently consumed drug than cigarettes or alcohol. It is sometimes mixed with any other drugs as well. It is a dangerous drug which has the capacity to diminish the potentiality of a person.

Parents should discuss all the bad effects caused by the usage of marijuana and list all the long lasting health problems related to heart, brain, lungs, neck, throat. Parents should make their children realize how much they love and care for them.