Nuking Frozen Meals Are Not As Good As They Look

It may look great and easy to just put the frozen meal into a microwave, but it will end up in making you sick if it is not done properly. Frozen foods are as old as 1000 B.C. well old before the thought of imagining a machine like refrigerator. But the frozen food industry was born in 1930. Though freezing food may seem to be a easy method to preserve food, there are some draw backs of it.

Generally freezing food helps to preserve food by slowing food decay by turning water to ice and thus impossible for growth of bacteria. It was thus that recently scientists could list the items of supper of an ice-aged man from his dead body.

The problem with frozen food may be that when it is kept in a microwave, the food may be left with uneven old spots in the food that may invite dangerous bacteria e.coli, salmonella or listeria. So if you are a daily user of frozen food, check that your oven is cooking food evenly.

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