Sun Takes a Nap

Our great sun is taking a nap. He does take a nap once in a century. Our Sun is fiercer than it appears, with hot winds always blowing from its surface. According to data collected from the Ulysses satellite, the wind blowing from Sun is with less vigor and heat. But if you think that you can’t withstand the heat when your AC’s off, this must be probably the heat from our own earth. They call it as global warming. Coming back to the Sun, this is exposing our earth and all other planets to the onslaught of needling cosmic rays from the galaxy. Actually a bubble called cozy bubble protects from these rays, which is now shrinking because of less solar wind. Simply saying, our Sun used to pump air into this bubble so that it doesn’t explode and thus keep us off the cosmic rays. Now that it has slowed down its pumping there may be high possibility of these cosmic rays entering our atmosphere. This doesn’t have a direct impact on people living on Earth but our space operations will be posed to higher risks.

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