Methane to Power the World In Future

Methane is known to the world as a component of natural gas. But chemists in UK have developed a way to create a solid form of the gas that can be used as energy resources. The world is now struggling with the rising oil prices and the fuel deposits moving towards the end day by day. It is estimated that two methane hydrate deposits off the coast of South Carolina can power the entire US for 100 years. Because methane deposits contain more energy than coal, oil and al other fossil fuels combined. Most of the methane is locked inside the ice crystals of the Arctic region. But the problem was that it is difficult and costlier to store and transport methane. It needs to be cooled down to -113 degrees Celsius to store methane o pressurized around 50 atmps. This requires large amount of energy and also the stored methane is flammable and dangerous. This is what the UK scientists worked on. They could find a way to create powdered methane which is easier to store. The process is still in preliminary phase and if this is successful, our stock markets don’t have to rely on oil prices.

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