Finland Massacre: The Wrong Inspiration

It’s easy to inspire a wrong deed than the good deed. But comparatively, good deed can make a student turn into another Einstein, whereas a bad deed can make a student a Killer. I pity the boy who killed 10 people in Finland and killed himself after that. They say that he got inspired from a crank called Kip kinkel who killed himself after killing his parents and two students of his school in May 21, 1998. I went through a study about school shootings. It was not the family back ground or the type of student that mattered. There were some issues like being bullied or persecuted or injured by others that made them take this violence decision of taking down all the people who were responsible for that. These school shootings are extremely rare other than the fact that Finland faced it twice the same year. And imagine, after creating such a havoc does any body will let him live again. So, instead of getting killed in others hands, he killed himself. And people, how come you are so careless with your weapons that anybody can just steal them and go on a killing spree?