All about Shoe industry

The shoe industry still plays an important role in generating foreign exchange earnings. Over the recent years, however, its performance has been declining due to various problems. In addition to the economic crisis, a number of problems — both internal and external — have stood in the way of the growth of the industry. One external problem, for example, is the dumping allegations launched by certain countries although this is only part of their strategy to protect their own shoe industries. Shoe friction causes more discomfort to the feet than shoe pressure or other, more commonly cited, factors. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of general or medical knowledge about the dynamics of foot movement inside the shoe, and the tendency of the footwear industry to ignore the causes of foot discomfort when creating innovations such as traction-type soles. Shoes continue to be designed and manufactured with little regard for the variety of movements made and shapes assumed by feet inside footwear. Shoe friction is unquestionably the single most common cause of foot discomfort. Yet, ironically, with industry people it’s the least understood and least mentioned.

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