General guidelines for teaching your teen drive

Last evening when I was on walk I saw a person who is a teen learning to drive a car with his friends. Suddenly accident occurred and all the friends in the car got injured. This situation happened because of the parent’s negligence towards the children in making them learn how to drive the vehicles. I wish to give some of the guidelines to the parents in making their child drive the vehicle safely. The people who attain the age of 16 is said to be a teen and will be eligible to learn driving. If you decide your child should learn driving, then you need to follow some guidelines. The first and foremost is to hire a driving instruction school to be the first people to teach your teen to drive. The major benefit is that you get a discount on your new insurance rate. Your child should be at least ten hours behind the wheel with you before they undertake their driving test. If you can’t find a driving school, start in an empty, large parking lot. Then gradually move up to the road. Stipulate new responsibilities that go along with the new privilege of driving. Adhere to all the safety rules, such as importance of seat belts, speed limits, etc. while you are driving with your teen. Enforce these rules on them. Set limits like, no nighttime driving because lot of accidents happen at night. Restrict them to learn from a friend until and unless their friends have their license and driving permit. Scare them to death. The more security they feel from you, the more securely they will learn to drive with out any injuries or damages to the vehicles. These are the general guidelines for the parents in making your teen learn to drive.

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