Why Websites Don’t Generate Results

monitoring serviceNow a days website is must have for every organization. For the marketer, the web is often all about image. A dynamic home page is must. The use of flash is required. The images must come straight from the advertising campaign. A graphic designer with great creative credentials must build the site. But why do many websites not generate traffic commensurate with the effort that has gone into them?
  • The reality is that consumers don’t remember URL’s. Very few people go directly to a website by typing in the web address. The expectation, that once you have created your website people will automatically find you and come and view it is a fallacy.
  • You don’t realize the importance of being search-engine friendly.
  • The design and imagery of website are causing problems. Website may look great, especially the home page, but a rule of thumb is that the more imagery there is on website the less likely it is to be found through a search engine. That’s because search engines primarily read HTML files – and make rankings based on the content they read in these files.
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    Search engines promise to deliver people searching for a topic sites that are deemed the most relevant to their enquiry. Content is one of the most important factors in achieving this. Generally speaking, a content-rich site will always be ranked higher with a search engine than a site that is graphic-rich.
  • It’s not just volume of content – it’s about using the words that the search engine knows its users are typing in that counts.
  • Most organizations produce a website, and then sit back and wait for the traffic to find it. This is a fundamental error. Search robots should see that new content is constantly being added to the site; and adding new content will enable new search phrases to be incorporated in copy, which in turn will be read by the search robot.
  • Search engine robots also rank a website based on their perceived its importance The more links it has from other external sites, the more important the search engine robots will perceive that site.

The above tasks fall under the mantle of public relations, because it is PR that has traditionally handled the publishing of corporate magazines and literature as well as writing media releases. So if content is ‘king’ for most websites you needed to engage the content experts.

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